A Way to Shut Down The Fat Gene?

Cosmetic practices performed by top surgeons like Dr. Lack of MetropolitanMD, a Chicago Liposuction specialist, may not be the only answer to our world’s weight problem. With buzz around obesity, it’s difficult to miss information congruent to weight loss, dieting, surgery, and exercise; although, gastric bypass and pills are amongst the least favorable options.

Scientists have actually been looking into developing a molecule that will effectively shut down the fat gene that is creating this monster of a problem. In other words, by providing an active inhibitor to the FTO (fat mass and obesity-associated gene), these experts can work toward a therapy for individuals already suffering. [1]

According to the World Health Organization, the commonness of obesity is growing at alarming rates – This is based on data collected for both developed and underdeveloped countries. This includes overweight numbers close to 1.6 [1] for adults over the age of 15, along with obese in the range of somewhere near 400 million. With such large figures, it’s difficult to think that obesity isn’t an epidemic of mass proportion.

Obesity creates many health problems; it increases the risk of premature death, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, hypertension and cancer. These are among the most severe of cases; obesity also comes with its own short term shortcomings. It’s true that most overweight people have sore bones, muscles, and suffer from shortness of breath, fatigue. It’s also natural that most people who are overweight suffer from depression or depressive symptoms. With this fantastic new developments and studies in China, we can certainly have more hope for this rising problem. Scientists are just beginning to learn how the fat gene actually works, but have tested and seen it’s affects on all different ethnicities.

It’s important that we all work towards avoiding the problem of obesity. The only way to spread this message is through education regarding fitness, exercise, and healthy eating habits. Although with these recent studies, Chinese scientists have made great strides in the search for a solution towards our already unhealthy planet.

Rachelle Holmes of plastic Surgeons Chicago, MetropolitanMD.