Alcohol during pregnancy

Some experts recommend that pregnant women limit of one unit of alcohol, once or twice per week, but the only way to be one hundred percent sure is to abstain from drinking alcohol at all during pregnancy.
The effects of alcohol are greater in women who smoke, drink large amounts of drinks containing caffeine, and have a poor diet.
The highest risk from alcohol to developing baby is during the earliest stages of pregnancy, when baby’s critical organs are forming and cells are dividing very rapidly.
When women drink alcohol, it rapidly reaches baby through bloodstream and across the placenta.
Women who drink alcohol during pregnancy are at risk of having babies with fetal alcohol syndrome . In the world today, FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome) is the leading known cause of mental retardation. FAS also cause physical problems.
Here some consequences fetal alcohol syndrome:

  • Undersized head
  • Poor coordination
  • Learning problems
  • Short memories
  • Growth deficiency
  • Deformed facial features
  • Abnormal joints, hands, feet, fingers and toes
  • Heart defects

All the damage that results from FAS is irreversible and cannot be cured.
The majority of children born with FAS were born to mothers who are drank everyday, but cases of a birth of sick children are known for mothers who consume as a little as two drinks a day .

FAS disease can be easily prevented – Pregnant women should not be drinking at all.