Cancer Killers

Zeolite Enhanced is always near the top of the list of supplements to take for fighting cancer. It is a powerful cancer cell killer. It also supports the detoxification process by grabbing hold of toxins so the detox products can flush them out.

Two to three or sometimes six bottles a month, as part of a comprehensive protocol, three to six bottles a month if used alone. Each bottle supplies about 600 drops of zeolite. Zeolite Enhanced has little taste, can be put in food, fluids or even right on the tongue, with or without meals, so it is very easy to take. Drink plenty of water to eliminate any possible detoxification symptoms. Zeolite Enhanced is one of the top 4 cancer fighting products.

There is an astounding group of remarkable testimonies about liquid Zeolite. One man scheduled for prostate surgery used a liquid Zeolite for the two weeks before his surgery. When he went in for the pre-surgery test, the cancer was gone. Another man had stage 4 pancreatic cancer. When he began using liquid Zeolite, he was home in bed on morphine. He started taking it and seven days later he was out playing with his kids. At 21 days no cancer showed in his cancer blood test.

Of course, for most people the process is slower. And someone can be too far gone to recover. But zeolite increases the odds of beating cancer. It is important to take high quantities when the cancer is quite advanced, or if you want to reduce the tumor size as fast as possible. As a general rule, the more you take, the faster the results. Zeolite Enhanced is one of the top 4 cancer fighters in this report.

Zeolite Powder gives you more zeolite for your money. One container supplies a therapeutic amount of 2 heaping teaspoons a day for a month. The powder mixes easily and dissolves complete in water or juice and has no taste.

Normalizing pH by increasing alkalinity in your body is another important fundamental. The Zeolite will help with this. Because both the liquid and the powder would work in the body in slightly different ways, it does make sense to use both if affordable.

Zeolite acts as a powerful cancer cell killer… after it supports the detoxification system by grabbing hold of toxins. Because both the liquid and the powder would work in the body in slightly different ways, it does make sense to use both if affordable.

DHLA Nano Plex give non cancerous cells more energy, but causes cancer cells to die because it creates more energy in the cell than the cell can handle.

In deciding what to do, take into account that the more underlying conditions causing cancer that you correct, the better your chances of beating cancer. The best alternative cancer clinics use many products that fight cancer. Incorporate as many of the strategies as possible into your battle against cancer.

These cancer fighting strategies do work. We hear reports all the time of people getting over tough cancers using these strategies. Hit cancer as hard as possible with a variety of cancer fighting products, diet improvements, and handle the stress with the Sedona Method and/or Transformational Breathing. Plus whatever your doctor has you do. If possible to do so, it makes no sense to do less. One of the top 14 cancer products.

Zormus is an activated homeopathic beryllium formulation designed to reduce pain, inflammation, fatigue, and is stated in homeopathic literature to be used to reduce cancer tumor size. It is energized with M power technology and other frequencies which makes it much more effective than ordinary homeopathic remedies. One fluid ounce spray bottle lasts one month for early stage, 3 bottles a month for advanced stage cancer. Zormus is the #2 cancer fighting product after the Elixir Combo.

Ellagic Formula with Graviola is a potent cancer cell killer and antioxidant. Both Ellagic Acid and Graviola are well researched cancer fighters. A high therapeutic amount is 3 to 4 bottles a month, 18 to 24 capsules a day.

PapayaPro uses mature green papaya powder and wild-crafted citrus pectin to fight cancer. Take on an empty stomach. The papaya enzymes will act just as pancreatic enzymes do to kill cancer cells. Citrus pectin is also a well known cancer fighter. Use 1 or 2 containers monthly of this 300 gram container of powder. Papaya Pro is one of the top 14 cancer fighting products. You take it on an empty stomach when fighting cancer. To aid in reversing catabolic wasting, get extra as you must take it with meals too.