Don’t Ignore Tough or Long-Term Stomach Pain

SOURCE: American College of Gastroenterology

While the occasional stomachache isn’t a serious health issue, persistent or severe stomach pain is another matter that could signal serious trouble

People with the following symptoms need to see a doctor:

  • * steady, severe pain or regularly recurring pain;
  •  pain lasting for hours or days
  •  pain that wakes you from sleep;
  •  pain that impairs your ability to work or perform routine activities;
  •  loss of weight or appetite.

Immediate medical attention is required if abdominal pain is accompanied by:

  •   fever;
  •  diarrhea;
  •  persistent constipation;
  •  blood in the stool;
  •  change in the color of urine;
  •  persistent nausea or vomiting;
  •  vomiting blood;
  •  severe tenderness of the belly;
  •  jaundice (yellowish discoloration of the skin or whites of the eyes);
  •  swelling of the abdomen.

The ACG also recommends that people see a doctor if they are regularly taking any medicines that can cause ulcers, such as aspirin or other medications commonly used to treat arthritis or headaches.