Erectile dysfunction

Failures in the sexual life of men are more commonly called impotence. However, this is not quite true. Impotence- doctors consider a condition in which a man under any circumstances, is unable to perform sexual intercourse. A coincidence or recurring problems with erectile dysfunction should be called erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction may be caused by several kinds of reasons – endocrine, medication, local, neurological and cardiovascular. All this relates to the organic form of erectile dysfunction, when it was due to some change or a violation of the organism. Much more common form of psychological erectile dysfunction, in which the normal sexual life interfere with neuropsychiatric features exclusively male. In addition, almost always problems with erectile dysfunction resulting from organic causes, added a psychological component.

Endocrine causes of erectile dysfunction

Endocrine causes of erectile dysfunction is primarily within hypogonadism – a lack of function of sex glands and lower the production of the male hormone testosterone. In addition to erectile problems in this state, a man sees increase in voice frequency, the cessation of hair growth on face and body, the deposition of fat on the chest, thighs, buttocks. Typically, such changes occur in cases of severe violations of the hormonal system of the human body, and in these cases always need help with an endocrinologist. Such diseases are relatively rare.
Other endocrinological cause problems with erectile dysfunction can be a pituitary tumor – one of the most important glands of the human body, which is located in the brain. If the tumor secretes a hormone called prolactin, no other changes in the body, except for persistent erectile dysfunction, will not be celebrated. In this case the diagnosis should not only investigate the hormonal status of man, but also perform CT scans of the brain.

Medication causes of erection disorders

There are several types of drugs that may have an adverse effect on erectile function of male body. Hormonal drugs that block the action of male sex hormones (so-called antiandrogens), as well as preparations female sex hormones cause serious problems with erectile dysfunction due to violation of the hormonal mechanism of its occurrence. Such drugs are usually prescribed only for severe diseases, the most common of which is cancer of the prostate gland. In this case, doctors are guided by the principle, when you first need to extend as much as possible and make life easier for the patient.

Other medication drugs affecting the erection, are all substances with a depressive effect on the cerebral cortex. This was mainly alcohol and narcotic drugs, which besides the impact on the brain caused total depletion of the body, which does not contribute to any of erectile function in particular, no reproduction in general. In such cases, for restoration of normal erection requires only a complete lifting of the drug.
In addition, there are some medications, according to the pharmacological classification relating to a variety of groups that have the ability to block peripheral nerves responsible for erections. For example, antihistamines can not take more than 10 days, otherwise possible erectile dysfunction. If the question of a normal erection is not indifferent to you, then the assignment to you of any medication ask your doctor, no matter whether it is of such violations.

Local causes of erectile dysfunction

It is different in origin factors, but they all lead to sclerosis of the cavernous bodies. In this thin stretch fabric cavernous bodies partially or completely replaced by a rough solid connective tissue, is not capable of an erection. This can result in injuries of the penis, multiple injections into the penis, which was deferred priapism (painful prolonged not passing and not associated with sexual arousal erection). By sclerosis cavernous tissue may also cause frequent the practice of prolonged sexual acts in which a man, so bring your sweetheart greatest pleasure in all possible ways of delaying ejaculation, and sexual intercourse lasts longer than 4 hours. This practice can not be called useful from various perspectives, including its impact on the tissue of the penis can not be called positive.
Sclerosis cavernous tissue – very bad prognostic sign for erectile dysfunction. If the fact sclerosis diagnostically proven, to help such a patient can only operations

Neurological causes of erectile dysfunction

Neurological reasons erection disorders may include diseases such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, brain injury and spinal cord, pelvis and perineum, the various operations in these areas. As a rule, other manifestations of the disease is so heavy and serious, that problems with erection diverge even further than the second plan. However, severe disturbance of erectile function after performed surgery or trauma is often a serious problem. Rarely has such patients can help other than implanting prosthetic penis.

Vascular causes of erectile dysfunction

This is one of the most common groups of causes of erectile dysfunction. During a normal erection to the penis increases sharply inflow of arterial blood, and blood flow through the veins almost completely blocked. Hence, there are two main types of vascular disorders in erectile dysfunction – insufficient arterial inflow and excessive discharge of blood through the veins of the penis. In the first case of erection begins a long, painful, is rarely very high quality, and often the penis is in a certain intermediate position between the state of calm and excitement. In case of violation of venous block on the contrary, stimulation of the penis occurs rapidly, an erection is very good, but very quickly, not allowing complete, and sometimes even initiate sex.
These violations may occur in diseases such as endarteritis, atherosclerosis of aorta and large arteries, aortic aneurysm, varicose veins, resulting in various injuries of the pelvis and the perineum. Unfortunately, the causes of violations of the vascular mechanism of erection to date not been studied well enough so that you can in each case confidently identify the root cause that caused the violation of erectile function.
It is necessary to dwell on problems with erectile dysfunction in hypertension and diabetes mellitus. Erectile dysfunction is when they may be associated with different groups of causes – neurological, vascular, local and medication. This makes treating erectile problems in these diseases is extremely

Psychological causes of erectile problems

However, despite the large number of diseases and conditions that can lead to erectile dysfunction, most often erectile dysfunction is due to the peculiarities of the psyche of men. And if we take in mind the fact that any violation of organic erectile function necessarily piling psychological component, then it becomes clear what an important place belongs to psychological causes erection disorders among all other causes.
Erection in men may not appear quickly disappear or be of poor quality, if he has depression, prolonged stress, fatigue and general poor health, dissatisfaction with himself, as partners, a situation in conflict with partner, sexual habits, and nonconformity claims partners, fear of possible pregnancy or spread of any infections, most commonly AIDS. An erection can not occur if sex is in some not provide a sense of calm and security situation (back seat of the car, her parents’ home, unlocked cabinet in the office, elevator).
By the psychological form of erectile dysfunction is such a version thereof, as the impossibility of having sexual intercourse with one partner at a constant success with the other (the so-called selective erectile dysfunction). Older men often complain about the lack of or poor quality erections during sex with his wife, whereas with mistresses erectile problems do not arise.
Another option for erectile dysfunction caused by psychological characteristics of men, so called, the first meeting. In this case, men with erection problems arise only when the first proximity with a partner, and at all other meetings, all is fine. It is worth to highlight the first sexual intercourse men, in which the excitation is often so great that by the beginning of sexual intercourse body gets tired of it and the erection disappears. For many young people fail at first intercourse (particularly if the behavior of the partner and it was not quite correct) is a great psychological blow, and could subsequently lead to great difficulties and challenges in life.

Known form of psychological erectile dysfunction, when the impossibility of having sexual intercourse is linked with a condom. Policy of many pharmaceutical companies, solidly backed by the influence of the media, leads many young people to the firm belief that sex without a condom is completely unacceptable. Meanwhile, a number of psychological reasons, putting a condom on the penis is for men of a certain stress, which is often completely incompatible with normal erection. Typically, the replacement of a condom other contraceptive method solves this problem.

Finally, labile psyche of men to a situation in which a random failure in the sexual act causes a commotion in the next proximity with a partner, which leads to erectile dysfunction and at this time. Accumulating from time to time, to convince the men in their own inferiority complex might make it an absolute impotent even in his youth. A similar condition can develop after the disease, which has had an impact on erection, when an organic cause dysfunction resolved, but problems with erectile dysfunction were the same.

In most cases, to distinguish between a psychological form of erectile dysfunction from organic is not difficult. Most often in the form of psychological erectile dysfunction remains an erection during masturbation and so-called phenomenon of nocturnal penile swelling, or morning erection.
In other words, if masturbation occurs erection persists and has quality features, hence the lack of an erection in contact with women, causes psychological problems of men.

From sexual failures no one is immune, so do not much worry, and it is better to relax, calm down, a change of scenery and some time later to try again.

Be sure to consult and go through a thorough examination by a specialist in urology and andrology, if you do not have an erection during masturbation and is not marked nocturnal or morning erections.

If you are very concerned about recurrent problems with erection during intercourse, you need help literacy sexologist.

Needless various artificial means to try to increase the duration of sexual intercourse. It is not necessary to continue a sex act for more than 4 hours, even if you are able to do so without much effort. This is not harmless to the cavernous tissue of the penis, and may eventually cause its sclerosis.

To minimize the likelihood of erectile dysfunction: Maintain a healthy lifestyle to exclude tobacco, alcohol and drugs, always consult a doctor before taking any medication; Keep a regular sex life without the long periods of abstinence and sexual excesses; always talk to a urologist, if you are injured or undergone surgery to the perineum, or small basin, if you suffer from diabetes or hypertension. If you follow these simple recommendations, you almost certainly awaits a long and full of joy sex life.