Unfortunately, gynecologists around the world are faced daily with cases of infertility. Against the backdrop of increasing the number of abortions and cases of infection diseases, sexually transmitted infections, infertility problems are most acute and urgent for the modern man.

A married couple is considered infertile if, within 2 years of regular sexual life without contraception is not reached expected pregnancies.
To date, according to statistics from the 100 couples 15 are infertile. Spouses can have as many children as they want, is unlikely to be able to understand the end of the misfortunes of those who are deprived of the opportunity to become parents. Every year, millions of women having abortions, but on the other side there are those who are making every possible effort to give life to at least one child. Despite the achievements of science in the field of human reproduction, only 15-20% of all infertile couples gain the good fortune to conceive and give birth to a child.

40% of infertile marriages, the man is the culprit. Therefore, screening for infertility must pass both spouses. Only in this case we can hope for a positive result.

There are many causes of male infertility. First, malformations or hypoplasia of testes or vas deferens. It sometimes happens that during fetal development, both or one testicle does not drop into the scrotum. Sperm are very sensitive to high temperatures (as in the abdominal cavity, it is higher than in the scrotum), so their development is suspended or ceases completely.

Secondly, infertility in men as in women, can be triggered by various inflammatory or infectious diseases and their consequences. Often infertility is due to disruption of the endocrine glands, which directly affects the development of sperm. Alcoholism, excessive smoking and serious illness accompanied by fever (malaria, typhoid and others) – directly affect the ability to fertilize.
The opinion, if impotence provokes infertility mistaken. Impotence and infertility in no way connected with each other. A man with a weak erection can easily become a father, and vice versa, sex giant may be unable to conceive a child

Causes of infertility in women did not differ greatly from men’s. Anomalies or underdeveloped reproductive organs (mainly the uterus and fallopian tubes), making conception impossible. The most common cause of female infertility are inflammatory disease (often occurring every second woman after an abortion). Fallopian tubes become impassable, or all stick together, resulting in a woman threatening ectopic pregnancy or infertility.

Like inflammation, diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, do not pass unnoticed. Advanced forms of syphilis, chlamydia, mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis, genital herpes and several other diseases lead to infertility. Violation of ovarian function also is among the most common causes of inability to conceive. Oocytes or not ripen at all (lack of ovulation), or ovulation occurs correctly. Such a violation may be genetically during puberty, and may be much later: after childbirth or abortion.