Mutations increasing risk of illnesses of heart

Two groups of independent researchers have found out three widespread genetic mutations considerably increasing risk of cardiovascular diseases at white Europeans and Americans.
During one of researches, experts have analysed samples of a blood of 28 thousand patients with cardiovascular diseases, and healthy people who have made control group. As a result, two have been found out mononucleotide (caused by change of one part in a chain of DNA) mutations of genes of 9-th pair chromosomes which met at sick participants is much more often.
Presence of one of the taped genes at participants of the European parentage enlarged risk of ischemic illness of heart by 25 %, and at presence of two repetitions of a gene, the risk increased on 40 %. Thus, at Afro-Americans of similar law to tap it was not possible.
According to researchers, the genes bound to increased risk of illnesses of heart, are rather widespread:
More than half of Europeans are bearers of one repetition of one of them, and at a quarter, they are present at both chromosomes of 9-th pair.

In other research, it has been involved 17 thousand person. The Icelandic scientists managed to find out other mutation also localized in 9-th chromosome. Presence of two repetitions of a mutant gene twice enlarged risk of heart attacks at early age.
Bearersof two repetitions of this gene are up to 20 % of white Europeans and Americans.

Early detection of the specified genetic variations should help to physicians to lower essentially risk of cardiovascular diseases at this the patients concerning group of risk.
At the same time despite of doubtless value of the information received by researchers, as a whole the risk of cardiovascular diseases is defined not so much by genes, and factors of an environment: smoking, features of meal, an inactive way of life and others