New medicine for osteoporosis

Scientists from the USA and Great Britain inform on successful end of tests of a new medicine for osteoporosis which needs to be entered once a year. Scale research has shown, that application of a preparation for the women with menopause, reduces risk of fractures of bones dangerous to a life on 40 %.

Osteoporosis – age disease which leads to depression of density of osteal substance and the increased fragility of bones. Fractures of large bones, first of all femoral, are especially dangerous to elderly patients. According to the British statistics, one of five patients with such fracture perishes from accompanying complications and infections within several months after a trauma.
Modern medicines for an osteoporosis are calculated on regular, daily or weekly reception, therefore their efficiency often decreases because of an indiscipline of patients.
The new preparation , which active substance is a zoledronic acid, acts an extent of 12 months after a unitary intravenous injection. The previous researches of a preparation have shown, that its{his} application leads to restoration of osteal mass. The new tests, proceeded three years, should show, that the medicine really reduces risk of fractures of bones.
In research it has been involved 8000 women . Within three years the participant have three injections contained 5 mg of a zoledronic acid.
As a result, among patients has been 70 percent reduction of risk of fractures of spinal column.
Frequency of fractures of a femur has decreased on 41 %, frequency of other, less dangerous fractures – on 25 %.