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Anal cancer

Anal cancer is a rare form of cancer that occurs in the anus. The anus is a 1 1/2-inch tube at the end of your rectum through which stool leaves your body. Muscles called sphincters surround the anus and control bowel movements. While anal cancer is rare, its incidence appears to be increasing, though it isn’t completely clear why.
In general, cancer begins with a genetic mutation that turns normal, healthy cells into abnormal cells. Nobody know what causes the genetic mutation that triggers the development of anal cancer. However, they have identified several factors that may increase the risk of anal cancer.
Treatment for anal cancer in the past typically meant extensive surgery and the removal of the anus. Today doctors have found ways to control anal cancer through radiation and chemotherapy, saving the anus and preserving normal bowel function for anal cancer survivors. But that isn’t always possible for late-stage anal cancers. However, the majority of anal cancer is caught in its earliest stages — when treatment provides the best chance for cure.

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