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About cytochrome P450 genotyping test

The cytochrome P450 genotyping test (CYP450 test) predicts how your body will process (metabolize) certain antidepressants. The CYP450 test is one of the newer entries in the emerging field of pharmacogenomics, or personalized medicine.

Before the CYP450 test, doctors had little way of knowing how you would respond to a particular antidepressant — whether you would develop troubling side effects, for instance, or whether the medication would even be of benefit. By analyzing how specific genes in your liver break down medications, the CYP450 test may remove some of the guesswork.

The CYP450 test isn’t yet widely available. But as genotyping tests such as CYP450 become more well-known, they may offer better options for the treatment of depression. Continue reading About cytochrome P450 genotyping test