Taking Blood Pressure Pills at Night

For certain people, it may be better to take high blood pressure medications at night instead of in the morning , says study.
The researchers concluded that this simple change may help normalize blood pressure patterns in people at increased risk from heart and kidney disease.

In healthy people, blood pressure drops by 10 percent to 20 percent during sleep. Scientists suspect that this may occur in order to give arteries a bit of rest. People with hypertension who don’t experience this blood pressure dip at night are more likely to develop serious heart disease than other hypertension patients who do experience the dip.

People with chronic kidney disease are most likely to be “non-dippers,” which increases their risk of worsening kidney damage and heart disease.

In this study, 32 non-dippers with kidney disease started taking a high blood pressure drug at night instead of in the morning, the CP reported. Within two months, nearly 90 percent had turned into dippers, with an average seven-point drop in nighttime blood pressure. There were also signs of improved kidney function. The patients experienced no side effects or increases in daytime blood pressure.